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How to pick the ideal apiary location?

Beekeepers whom owns only a few beehives tend to keep them in their private garden or balcony. However, when one owns beyond 20 beehives, it requires […]
change a queen bee in a beehive, nuc

Why change your queen bee ?

A queen can live 3 to 5 years, but with a queen older than 3 years, the colony will be less vigourous, less resistant and prone […]
two beehives as a little apiary

First steps in beekeeping

Beekeeping cannot be improvised… Find a suitable environnement… You’d better avoid installing your hives in wet, at risk of flooding or very windy area.
queen box to beehive

Queen introduction instructions

This method can be used whatever queen cage you’re using. 1 : Put your bee suit on, light your smoker and open your queenless beehive. 2 […]
beekeeper with honey frames

Installing your first Nuc in a BeeHive

Why chose a nuc over package bees: in a nuc, bees will not desert as they have brood to protect! Transfer gently the frames from the […]
free shipping california queen bee mated

No shipping in continental US for California Queen Bee mated

The Queen Bee is the corner stone of your colony. While the only provider of new individuals she also spreads her pheromone around the hive to […]
national geographique life bee

Photographing the Real Life of Bees | National Geographic

National Geographic asked photographer Anand Varma to work on a story about honey bees. What he came up with is a work of art. Sponsored by […]
a bee flower to product honey bee in beehive

California in January – The Wake of Nature

Even if we are the golden state, sunny and blooming for most of the year, California does indeed experience winter in which Beekeepers and bees have […]
Singing queen bees, learn more about beekeeping

Singing of Queen bees

How and why do queen bees sing?We all know that Insects communicate. Locusts, grasshoppers, cicada and cricket songs can fill the air of our summer nights. […]
backyard beekeeping winter patio

Backyard beekeeping in winter or our beehive on the patio in January

Our beehive is just a wooden box with a flat roof exactly 10 feet away from our bay windows. It’s quite close to the house and […]