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The Worker Bee

Colonies’ organisation and hierarchy is a fascinating process to learn about. Each member of the hive has a specific role within the community to ensure social […]

The Queen Bee

The queen’s morphology and body shape is adapted to reproduction’s need, meaning that she is larger, thereby making it easier for beekeepers to find her among […]

Happy New Year 2019


What happens if you kill a queen bee?

First you’re very sad! You are allowed to say rude words then and blame yourself. As for the workers, they‘ll notice the disappearance of their queen […]

How do bee hives start?

It’s like the egg and the hen, which came first ? How does it work in the wild ? In the wild, a bee colony, which […]

Drone bee

Drones’ mere role is their reproduction abilities, indeed their only duty within the hive is to fertilize their queen. They are by no mean useful to […]

The secret of a healthy hive

Bees need clean water, nectar but above all a rich and diverse pollen. In addition to a good diet, beekeepers can keep their hives healthy by […]

Bees’ sense of direction

Bee’s sense of direction remains a scientific mystery. Indeed we know foraging bees can leave their hives to find flowers and come back to the exact […]

For Christmas, gift your loved ones a hive, and we offer you for 3 hours of free training

For Christmas, gift your loved ones a hive, and we offer you for 3 hours of free training for beekeeping beginners in April. The hive is […]

Bees’ sense of taste

Thanks to taste receptors, bees can identify different types of sugar and their contents in digested substances. Their developped sense of taste helps them carefully select […]
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