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Notre Dame’s bees are alive

We are happy to officially report that our brave bees have survive the Notre-Dame fire of April 15th !! Since 2013, Beeopic France has been taking […]

Artificial insemination of honey bee Queens

In 1770, F. Huber tried to inseminate queen bees by collecting drones’ sperm using a small painting brush. Since his first attempts, over two centuries ago, […]

TED TALKS: How you can help save the bees, one hive at a time

Bees are dying off in record numbers, but ecologist Noah Wilson-Rich is interested in something else: Where are bees healthy and thriving? To find out, he […]

Genetic selection of honeybee

Genetic selection: goals and difficulties The main goal of beekeepers when following a genetic selection program is to modify bees’ genome to highlight certain characteristics. Such […]

Rearing Queen Honey bees

The technique of rearing queen was developed at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to Perret-Maisonneuve, and later perfected by British beekeepers. It is very […]

Bee part of the solution

For several years now, bees have become the global ambassador of biodiversity and a mean to fight a detrimental environment. They symbolise the common commitment to […]

The Worker Bee

Colonies’ organisation and hierarchy is a fascinating process to learn about. Each member of the hive has a specific role within the community to ensure social […]

The Queen Bee

The queen’s morphology and body shape is adapted to reproduction’s need, meaning that she is larger, thereby making it easier for beekeepers to find her among […]

Happy New Year 2019


What happens if you kill a queen bee?

First you’re very sad! You are allowed to say rude words then and blame yourself. As for the workers, they‘ll notice the disappearance of their queen […]