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Propolis helps protect the hive

In Ancient Greece, they noticed that bees would use a natural resin to close up the entrance of their hives. Hence the term « propolis », which means […]

Moving your beehive

Some beekeepers choose to move their hives to follow different honey drew and therefore produce specific honey. The most important rule to follow when transporting hives […]


Replacing a queen is a meticulous step, beekeepers must take into account the natural behavior of the colony to make sure the bees accept the new […]

Prevent and prepare for swarming

Although natural swarming can help grow your livestock, most of the time it downsizes the opportunity of harvest by depriving the colony 4 to 8 pounds […]

Summer Heat

Let’s talk about heat. Here in California we beekeepers are afforded an excellent opportunity. Not only are we surrounded by beautiful scenery, but we live in […]

How to prep for harvest in beekeeping

When your colonies grow bigger and occupy most of the hive, you need to add supers, so that your bees can start stocking honey in them. […]

Harvesting your supers

Harvesting times differ according to what honey you want. If you want a specific plant’s honey, you need to harvest right at the end of this […]

Welcome to my story

I grew up in Indiana, known as the land of corn and soybeans. Luckily, I had grandparents who owned a berry farm. That offered not only […]

Purchasing populated hives

Pushasing populated hives from another beekeeper, through internet ads for instance, requires some careful considerations. If you consider yourself a beginner in beekeeping, it would probably […]

Finding and marking your Queen Bee

The queen is the central figure of the hive. She must be changed regularly and inserted in a several thousand-bees population. Finding and marking a queen […]