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How to store your supers

Now that the beekeeping season is finished, you can store your super until the next one. However you should follow some rules in order to maximize […]


Beeboard, a free hive-tracking app A free app to track your hives in the field and at home. No more problem gathering informations about your hives […]


Also called « the bees’ vampire », the varroa is a true disrupter of any beekeeper’s schedule and apiary. Varroa’s invasion are very difficult to contain and most […]

APIS MELLIFERA: The European Bee

The main characteristic of the Apis Mellifera is its distinctive adaptability skills, making them true chameleon in all environmental and weather conditions. The Apis Mellifera is […]

Italian honey bees

The Italian bee (Apis Mellifera Ligustica) The Italian bee, also called the yellow bee, is one of the four races of Central Europe (among the carnolian, […]

Carniolan honey bees

The carnolian honey bees, also called apis melifera cardiac, is one of the 4 races of honeybees. Also called the ‘grey italien honeybees’ because of their […]

Order and shipping Queens bees

Spring is finally here! Which means many things in beekeeping: it is time for you to buy nucs, bees and queens! In other words, it is […]

Sneak peak of Notre Dame’s bees after the fire!

Click here to see the video of Notre Dame Beehives Beeopic

Notre Dame’s bees are alive

We are happy to officially report that our brave bees have survive the Notre-Dame fire of April 15th !! Since 2013, Beeopic France has been taking […]

Artificial insemination of honey bee Queens

In 1770, F. Huber tried to inseminate queen bees by collecting drones’ sperm using a small painting brush. Since his first attempts, over two centuries ago, […]