5 frame Bee Nuc with Queen
Sunday, April 18th, 2021
Brentwood, CA


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No delivery possible, only collection of purchases.

Time pick-up Sunday at :
2017 Walnut Blvd
Brentwood, California, 94513


5 frame bee nuc with queen and bees :

– 2 frames of brood in various stages
– 2 frames of honey and pollen
– 1 foundation frames being drawn out
– 1 Queen (VSH Italian Queen)
– Bees
– White waxed nuc box

Size of frame: For use in 9-5/8″ Hive Bodies

Your nucs order is registered when your payment is received

The period of availability of nucs is given as an indication. It can be modified due to factors beyond our control (delivery delay of our breeders, bad weather…).

Nucs are distributed following to the order of arrival of the orders

You need to come and collect your items by yourself on Saturday mornings.

On the day you will come to collect your nuc, you will need to have your beekeeper suit and your smoker, as well as straps or other equipment to stall your hive in your vehicle.
We cannot be responsible for any incident that could occur during their transportation.



If your nuc does not suit you, please bring it back to the store in the hive
within 15 days maximum after the collection, and you will be refunded.
Once the deadline is reached, we cannot accept any claim.


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Sunday, April 18th, 2021
Brentwood, CA”

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