Bees play a crucial role in the pollination of cherry trees. Cherry trees, like many other fruit trees, rely on pollinators like bees to transfer pollen from the male reproductive parts of the flower (the stamens) to the female reproductive parts (the stigma), which is necessary for the tree to produce fruit.

When a bee visits a cherry tree flower to collect nectar, pollen grains from the stamen stick to the bee’s fuzzy body. As the bee moves from flower to flower, some of the pollen grains are transferred to the stigma of other flowers, which allows fertilization to occur and leads to the development of cherries.

Cherry trees are particularly dependent on bees because their flowers are relatively small and have a relatively low nectar reward. Bees are well-suited to pollinate cherry trees because they are attracted to the bright colors and sweet fragrance of the flowers and are able to maneuver their bodies in such a way as to effectively collect and transfer pollen.

Without bees, cherry trees would have difficulty producing fruit, which could have significant impacts on the agricultural industry and the environment as a whole.

Need bees to pollinate your cherry trees in Costa Contract County