In California, bees can be purchased from beekeeping supply companies and bee breeders during the active beekeeping season, which typically runs from late winter to early summer, depending on local climate conditions. Bee packages and nucleus colonies (nucs) are commonly available for purchase during this time. The availability of bees may vary depending on the demand and the specific location within California.

It is important to plan ahead and place orders for bees well in advance, as bee suppliers often have limited quantities and may sell out quickly. Beekeeping associations and local beekeeping clubs in California can provide valuable information and recommendations regarding reputable bee suppliers and the best times to purchase bees in your specific area.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that you are compliant with all local regulations and requirements related to beekeeping and the transportation of bees to and within California. Familiarize yourself with any necessary permits, licenses, or certifications that may be required for purchasing, transporting, and keeping bees in the state.

The first delivery of bee nuc is last weekend in March!!

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