To create a new bee hive, the beekeeper makes nucs with frames of brood and honey.

A nucs is simply a half-hive made from one of the beekeeper’s beehives by split.

Several ways to make a split:
– We can simply cut a hive in 2 by taking half the frames which are then put in another bee-hive
– We can take from 1 to 3 frames of brood with bees and put them in a nucs
– We can split the beehive in as much frames of brood as avalaible (2 to 8), this is the method of the fan.

Once the split is done, it is necessary to introduce either a royal cell or a young mated queen.

The beekeeper helps to start the young nucs by feeding the bees or transhuming them near a flowering meadow.
A few weeks later, nucs is completely filled and ready to be transferred in a beautiful beehive.