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What’s blooming in the Bay Area right now ? (Beginning of February)

  Mustard plant – (And other Brassicaceae) Nectar : Excellent Pollen : Excellent Pollen color : yellow to white Propolis : No Bloom start : 16 January […]
a bee flower to product honey bee in beehive

California in January – The Wake of Nature

Even if we are the golden state, sunny and blooming for most of the year, California does indeed experience winter in which Beekeepers and bees have […]
Singing queen bees, learn more about beekeeping

Singing of Queen bees

How and why do queen bees sing?We all know that Insects communicate. Locusts, grasshoppers, cicada and cricket songs can fill the air of our summer nights. […]
backyard beekeeping winter patio

Backyard beekeeping in winter or our beehive on the patio in January

Our beehive is just a wooden box with a flat roof exactly 10 feet away from our bay windows. It’s quite close to the house and […]

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