Use since human are bee hunter

The Honey bee communicate mostly through pheromon (aka : odors), every different “smell” as its own signifiacation.
So the bees have an incredible sense of smell.

A fairly common misinterpretation is that the use of smoke “put asleep” the bees which is not true. It will trick their communication, by introducing a new message with a non-clear signification, in consequences the bee will stay put and will not coordiante with her other housemate a defence action on the beekeeper. They more likely will stay calmly on the frame.

Do not “put a sleep” but it trick their pheromon receptors
–>think a fire is going on : natural fear –> get full of honey –> won’t sting and won’t fly
Necessary but can be “too much” : use a little bit but enough

Smokers : couple puff in the entrance at the beginning (better to do on the other hives also so everybody stay calm)
Then an other couple puff on top to make the bees go down, repeat this actions as necessary during your intervention on the colony.