Now that the beekeeping season is finished, you can store your super until the next one. However you should follow some rules in order to maximize the time you can use the same supers, that way saving money and time along the way. Firstly, you should only store supers that have been completely licked by your bees, away from humidity and dust and most of all from rodents. Any other condition would expose your supers to several aggressions throughout the autumn and winter seasons.

Store supers that have been completely licked by your bees

Also, you should be aware of wax moth. They love to lay eggs in your brand new frames’ cells, and once grown-up the larvae will eat the frame’s wax and destroy you supers.

Here is a quick overview of how to store your supers:
1 – Remove olds frames that couldn’t be use another year, so that your supers are ready-to-use the following year.
2 – Pile them in a dry and secure place. A good tip is to place the pile of supers on a top-cover to protect it from humidity and insects, and to close the atop supers with another top-cover, for the same reasons.

By following those simple rules, you can be sure to be able to use your supers for several years to come !