Welcome to Beeopic! If you ended up on our website it’s because you wanted to know more about beekeeping or even become a beekeeper yourself. But, like many before you, you are wondering: how do i start beekeeping? It may seems a little intimidating at first, am I able to take car of so many animals at once? What type of training do I need? What type of equipment do I need?

How do I take care of my bees?

Fear no more, you have as many questions as our beekeepers’ army have answers. Here is a little begginners’s guide to beekeeping:

First, do your homework. Just like any hobby or activity, you need to get informed. Of course in this case google is your friend, many websites, documentary and tutorials are within fingertip reach, for free. You can also buy very educational books about beekeeping that will help guide you. If you have the luxuary to know a beekeeper or can find one who will spear a few minutes of their day to answer your questions and give you a few tips, it’s even better, make the most of their experience.

Next, get trained. Once you have acquired the knoweledge and are willing to become a beekeeper, you cannot jump right in too fast. It is essential for both yours and your future bees’ safety that you get trained. To do so, you can participate in beekeeping workshops, they exist for everyone, from begginners to professionals. Those workshops are the best way to get trained and guided in you new adventure. You can click here to attend one of ours!

And finally, you need to get equiped. Which involves both your bees and their new house, as well as your beekeepers gear and clothing. From your extensive research and trainng you whould by now be confortable with the vocabulary, such as frames, swarming and smoker. Once you are fully equiped and you chose a safe place for you to create an apiary, you’ll have become a beekeeper. Congratulations!