To begin in beekeeping, you only need one thing: a hive with bees and queen. It is the obvious and simplest firsst step, you would just need to buy it from a senior beekeeper. He/she will provide you with either a hive already full of bees, or a nucs 5-frame that you can install in your new hive.

Besides the obvious, the second and nonetheless important second step is to find the location (apiary) for your hive. The closer to you the better, as you can monitor and observe your bees at your conveniance.
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If you do not have the right location close to you, think about your holiday home or your grandmother’s house…

You will become a good beekeeper by observing your bees, flowers and weather!!

But the most important thing to start in beekeeping is training. You can buy some good books but nothing replaces a practical training.
You can for instance offer a beekeeper to give him a hand at the pick of the season (harvest time), in exchange for some good tips and guidance on how to proceed to build a successfull apiary. Also, you can take classes from professionals.
Through you training you will learn how to manage your bees, meaning how to understand and anticipate their neeeds, as well as what to do and when to do so.