How do you install a nuc of bees?

If you want to set up a hive in your garden or an apiary of a few hives in the countryside, bees nuc are the ideal and easiest way to start beekeeping.

Book your bees nuc during the winter. Be careful the quantities of bees nuc are limited, so the faster you book, the more satisfied you will have your bees.

After booking, you have a few months or weeks to prepare for the arrival of the bees.
If the hive is new, it must be painted to protect the wood but only the exterior. Above all, do nothing inside; it is the bees who are in charge of putting everywhere.

The week before your bees arrive, you can set up your hive in the final location. Your colony must have all its frames minus the 5 frames that come with your bees nuc Don’t forget the feeder.

You are finally ready to welcome your bees.

Come and take your bees nuc Saturday you booked.
A beekeeper will help you load your bees nuc in the trunk of your car.
Remember to bring your beekeeper’s suit, gloves, and smoker with you. You will not need them, but they are always useful in case of problems.

During the journey, do not park in full sun for hours, your bees may die!

When you get to the apiary, light your smoker, put on your coveralls and gloves. Place the bees nuc in front of your hive.
Lightly smoke the bees nuc and then open the bees nuc.
Take the frames one by one and install them in your hive in order.
Pour 2 to 3 pounds of syrup into the feeder and close your hive.
It’s over, let your bees take possession of the hive and go forage to collect nectar and pollen.