Beeboard, a free hive-tracking app

A free app to track your hives in the field and at home. No more problem gathering informations about your hives !!!
In addition, Beeboard is made to facilitate the efficiency of queens and especially their descendants, without wasting time.
With Beeboard, traceability of queens becomes child’s play!

Beeboard, an app made by a beekeeper for beekeepers

The application is available on Android and IOS:

Beeboard, an app developed by Julien Perrin and supported by Beeopic.

After buying a Beeopic queen:

  • Mark your queens, by associating them a barcode, you annotate in a gesture your queens: grafting, pedigree, observations and interventions.
  • Follow your queens, in a scan, you have access to the history of the queen.
  • Evaluate your queens, BeeBoard makes it easy to harvest and analyze  yourhive’s data and make it effective!