For several years now, bees have become the global ambassador of biodiversity and a mean to fight a detrimental environment. They symbolise the common commitment to help save our planet and preserve our wildlife. You may wonder how can I have a meaningful impact and be a vector of change? As an beekeeping venture, here are some of our CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies and initiatives that help us fulfil our pledge to a diverse and mindful environment and work place.


Before joining Beeopic, most of our team members were in precarious employment situations. Since joining the team, they have followed a well-rounded training by shadowing an expert beekeeper for a year and by being introduced to ever-changing and skillful techniques such as the breeding of queens.
Moreover, Beeopic makes a point of having a diverse and inclusive team. As such, the parity between men and women within the beekeepers team is respected, as well as welcoming people from all ages (from middle school as a first introduction to the profession to Master-level veterinary students) and backgrounds.


Beeopic, as an urban beekeeping company based in both France (Paris) and the United States (San Francisco), aims to share its love for bees around the globe. To do so in a respectful manner, Beeopic trains not only its team of professional beekeepers but also the public, from beginners to expert levels. By offering day- training to the public, our goal is to spread our knowledge and heighten awarness to a wide range of individuals.


We believe that a good way to take care of our planet and reduce our environmental impact is to work with local industries. Beeopic’s headquarters are located in an industrial area and therefore we purshased from the local industries our cars, all marketing documents (flyers, posters, honeypots labels…) as well as our personalised uniforms.