Bees can be moved from a nuc (short for nucleus colony) to a hive when the nuc has established a strong population and has filled most of the frames with brood and honey. This usually takes between 4-6 weeks after the bees have been installed in the nuc.

Before moving the bees, ensure that the new hive is set up and ready to receive the frames from the nuc. The new hive should have frames with drawn comb, and if possible, a frame of brood and honey to help the bees establish the new hive.

When transferring the frames from the nuc to the new hive, it is important to minimize disruption to the bees as much as possible. Ensure that the frames are handled gently and are not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

It is also important to ensure that the queen is present in the new hive, as she is the key to the hive’s success. Check for the queen in the nuc before transferring the frames, and if necessary, transfer her along with a frame of brood and honey to the new hive.

After transferring the frames, leave the bees undisturbed for a few days to allow them to settle into their new home.

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