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Feeding your bees

Generally speaking, bees shouldn’t need extra feeding by beekeepers as they naturally manage their own honey stock. However, harsh weather conditions (during daily-rain periods) or in […]

Opening and closing your beehive

Opening your hive Beekeepers shouldn’t open their hives to satisfy their curiosity but only when they need to achieve a specific task and ideally not too […]

Lighting and using a smoker in beekeeping

The smoker is the emblem of any beekeeper. An effectively light up smoker, meaning one with cold and white smoke, ensures the security of beekeepers. To […]
training beekeeper

New date for Beekeeping Training – Beginner level

Next training on Saturday, May 26 at 9am. More information and registration

Set up your bee hive

Setting up a hive is creating an apiary, no matter the current or future size of it. Picking the right location for your apiary is essential: […]

The basic tool kit for hobbyist beekeeper

Beekeeping requires a few tools. Here are the basic ones any beekeeper should own.
rent beehive professional beekeeper

How to pick the ideal apiary location?

Beekeepers whom owns only a few beehives tend to keep them in their private garden or balcony. However, when one owns beyond 20 beehives, it requires […]
free shipping california queen bee mated

No shipping in continental US for California Queen Bee mated

The Queen Bee is the corner stone of your colony. While the only provider of new individuals she also spreads her pheromone around the hive to […]
Smoker bee on a beehive

“Huff and Puff” in Beekeeping – Why smoke is essential

Use since human are bee hunter The Honey bee communicate mostly through pheromon (aka : odors), every different “smell” as its own signifiacation. So the bees […]
national geographique life bee

Photographing the Real Life of Bees | National Geographic

National Geographic asked photographer Anand Varma to work on a story about honey bees. What he came up with is a work of art. Sponsored by […]