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What is nucs bee?

To create a new bee hive, the beekeeper makes nucs with frames of brood and honey. A nucs is simply a half-hive made from one of […]

How do beekeepers get bees?

To get its first beehive, the young beekeeper can pick a swarm in a tree in the spring. It remains random and harvesting a swarm is […]

How much does a bee hive cost?

The quickest and easiest way to start in backyard beekeeping is to buy a complete hive with bees and queen. Price for a complete hive is […]

Bees’ sense of smell

Bees use their sense of smell to communicate. They detect a lot of different smells, both inside and outside of the hive, to spot an enemy […]

Can I buy bees?

The easiest way to have honey bees : buy from a beekeeper a Nuc or a pack of bees. Both have a similar number of bees. […]

How much does it cost to buy honey bees?

Do you want to have bees in your garden? The first purchase in beekeeping and the most important is to purchase honey bees. Two possible prices: […]

Royal jelly makes Queen bee

Royal jelly is the key to every colony’s development. Its delicacy and low production requires a true expertise from beekeepers. The mystery of royal jelly As […]

Propolis helps protect the hive

In Ancient Greece, they noticed that bees would use a natural resin to close up the entrance of their hives. Hence the term « propolis », which means […]

Moving your beehive

Some beekeepers choose to move their hives to follow different honey drew and therefore produce specific honey. The most important rule to follow when transporting hives […]

Replacing a Queen bee

Replacing a queen is a meticulous step, beekeepers must take into account the natural behavior of the colony to make sure the bees accept the new […]