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5 frame Nuc with Queen
Saturday, May 9, 2020
Martinez, CA

5 California Mated Queen Bees



The Mated Queen Bee is the corner stone of your colony

Produced by Beeopic in the Bay Area or by our beekeepers/queen breeders partners in California, from the Central Valley to the isolated Northern Coast Ranges.
We offer the best quality of californian mated queen bee as possible! Each queen has been hand picked and evaluated by a master beekeeper in mating nucs before being shipped to you.

A queen naturally lives up to 5 years. After her first birthday the queen will be more likely to swarm and will not winter as well as in its first season.
At Beeopic we advice you to renew the queen in your colony every 1-2 year.

Composition of our mated queen bee offer:

  • 5 Mated Queen Bees
  • A few bees (everybody is in a queen cage, no worries!)
  • 3 holes cage or JZBZ cage

Shipping information:

  • Queens are dispatched according to the order of arrival of the orders.
  • We ship Queen bees on Tuesdays, they will be delivered before the end of week
  • As soon as your queen is available, you are notified by phone or email.
  • Delivery by Fedex everywhere in USA except Hawaï and Alaska, TRACK your Fedex delivery
  • Prices do not include shipping: Shipping charges will be applied at checkout depending on the requested shipping location
Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in